Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Perfect Red Lipstick Wardrobe

Whenever I put an outfit together, I regularly feel like something is missing from it, that something should be added to complete the look. And that missing thing very often happen to be a touch of red. Apparently, red is a color that compliments most of the colors in my closet. So, over the time, I have collected a plethora of red accessories, a red belt, a red bag, shoes, necklaces, etc. But I also have a very fell furnishes red lipstick wardrobe. What better pop of color that a red pout? And although my collection extends far beyond 3 lipsticks, I have selected three shades (all from the same brand) that seem like a perfect and complete red lipstick collection to me. 

Now let's come the star of the show: the Nars Velvet Lip Pencils. Amazing matte formula, amazing lasting power, amazing shade selection... And the list goes on. You can wear them full on, as stains or even sheer if you mix them with a little bit of clear lip balm. Versatility in all its glory!

From left to right: Red Square - Cruella - Dragon Girl - 

From left to right: Cruella - Dragon Girl - Red Square

Three red shades in the line have really caught my eyes:

Dragon Girl: A classic blue-toned red. There is really nothing to add. Extremely pigmented and flattering on the lips.

Red Square: The punchy orangey red. Perfect for when you're in the mood for some bright, bright lips.

Cruella: The vampy red. Dark, but not too dark, Just right. (picture coming soon)

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