Tuesday, 25 October 2016

DIY: Halloween Shoes

Pearls, spiderweb, shoes, DIY, Charlotte Olympia, inspired

I've been really inspired by Halloween this year. Last year, my costume was extremely last minute, but this year, I have been thinking about makeup look for weeks, buying wigs and accessories. As I was browsing Charlotte Olympia shoes online, I spotted her iconic spiderweb ballerinas and they immediately appeared as easily dupable. So here is a little DIY post on how to make your own Halloween-inspired shoes, even though I will probably be wearing mine all throughout Autumn!

To do this DIY you'll need: a pair of shoes (make sure there is enough space for your spiderwebs), gold beads, a thin metal thread, pliers, universal glue (make sure there is no harsh solvent in your glue as it might tarnish the beads and the leather), a ruler.

Create three strands of beads. They will be the axis of you spiderweb so make them as long as the diameter of your web. Measure the space you have on your shoe in order to figure out the diameter. To stop your thread and secure your beads, go around the last bead and back inside the strand of beads for a few centimeters, then cut what remains.

Start with two strands. Twist them in their middle. Then add the third one and twist it with the others. This can be done quite messily. Just make sure your three axis are holding together. They will become more sturdy as we add the web's circles.

Then slip a thread through a bead on one of your axis. I chose the fourth bead, but it can't be higher if your web is bigger.

Add beads and slip your thread through the fourth bead on the next axis.

And cut the remaining thread.

All you have to do now is glue your webs on your shoes. You can shape your webs to make them more hexagonal (which I forgot to do for the left foot) before glueing them on. If the glue application gets messy, clean it up with nail polish remover and cotton buds.

Shoes, DIY, pearls, spiderweb, Charlotte Olympia, inspired

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