Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Candy floss dreams and DIY fails

skirt, pink

Introducing my latest DIY, the Ada skirt by Wear Lemonade, sewn in a dreamy candy floss denim.
For the first time, I'm somewhat satisfied with a sewing DIY. Usually there's always something that puts me off wearing an item: the fabric isn't right for the pattern (like using a thick burgundy velvet for a wrap dress, making it look like a medieval gown), or my limited sewing skills mean that some stitch lines aren't straight and makes the garment look wonky or ill-fitted, and the list goes on...
However, for once, I feel like I actually want to wear that skirt. I might shorten the hem a bit and put on belt loops so I can wear it slightly higher and accentuate my waist with a belt, but, overall, I think Ada and I are going to be best friends this summer.

Are you working on a DIY project at the moment? What do you do when you DIY doesn't live up to your expectations?

Jupe, skirt

shoes, rose, gold, metallic

Outfit details:

Jacket - Mango
Skirt (DIY) - Ada pattern from Wear Lemonade
Sneakers - Zalando
Lips - Charlotte Tilbury Lost Cherry

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