Friday, 7 April 2017

The 90s and some career thoughts

I'm so happy that it's finally Spring (although it's the first time in my life that I feel like Winter went by fast) and I'm so happy with my new Studio DIY clutch. This clutch actually perfectly reflects my current interests and thoughts. First of all I've really been on a 90s kick lately, listening to the Spice Girls and rewatching Friends episodes that I've already seen a million times. I love this show so much. I think it's one of the first series that I watched as a kid and even though I know it every season (almost) by heart I still enjoy every second and can relate to so many things that happen to them, which I guess is the beauty of Friends. Wasn't there a Facebook group called "there is a scene in Friends for every moment in life"? I'll have to check...

Lately I've also been thinking a lot about careers and jobs since my latest employment has come to an end and I am currently looking for another student job to keep me afloat throughout the last months of my master's degree. Thinking about work made me realize how our conception of it has changed. For my parents generation, it seems to me that work was a way to make a living and not much else. It didn't necessarily have to be pleasant or interesting as long as it payed the bills and work life was clearly separated from private life. 
Whereas we, millennials, are a lot more concerned with happiness and with filling our lives with things that matter to us. And it is reflected in the way we envision work. We want to get more from work than money to pay the rent. I know want to do something that I feel passionate about, that will allow me to bloom and thrive and improve myself. And if being a girl boss is what it takes then that's what (I think) I'll do (gold star if this reminded you of a certain Bon Jovi song).
I've had several interviews lately and in the past two or three years and I'm really starting to be tired of feeling like a circus animal jumping through a ring of fire to please an audience who doesn't care and tired of feeling like I have to apply for jobs I have a thousand times the potential to do just become my bachelor is pretty much worthless if not accompanied by a master. When I look at the job market, I get such a feeling of hostility from it. It is like the popular clique at high school that everybody is trying to join, but only a few privileged people can get in. It seems like such an oppressive mold that only people with the "right personality" or the "right mindset" can enter. I know I definitely don't fit in. And I don't think I want to...

Studio DIY, can't clutch this #cantclutchthis

Studio DIY, can't clutch this, #cantclutchthis

Studio DIY, can't clutch this, #cantclutchthis

Outfit details:

Coat - H&M (old)
T-shirt - Target
Jeans - La Redoute
Boots - Isabel Marant (second hand)
Clutch - Studio DIY
Lipstick - Charlotte Tilbury in Electric Poppy

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