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My Favorite Sunscreens

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As a fair skinned gal, I've learned (sometimes the hard way) to beware of the sun. Even if I suffer from the lack of daylight in Winter and seeing the sun come back lifts my mood like nothing else,  I remember to enjoy it moderately and with a good SPF. I avoid sunbathing, which is an activity I dislike anyway (how can people lie on the beach all day in the scorching sun?), I try to stay out of direct sunlight between noon and 4-5 PM and I put on sunscreen every single day. There are so many sunscreen brand and types available nowadays that it can sometimes be difficult to find one that perfectly suits your skin type and the activity you're planning to do outside. Here is a selection of my favorite sun protectors for the face and the body and to wear underneath makeup:

SPF for makeup days:

Even if I tend to wear less makeup in Summer because of the heat, I still do wear some occasionally and with my oily skin I hate the idea of layering products on my face. I often skip moisturizer in the morning (I usually find that loading up on moisturizer in the evening is enough) or use a very lightweight, mattifying one and use an SPF with a very thin texture. My two favorites are:
  1. The Body Shop Skin Defense SPF 50
  2. Benefit Dream Screen SPF 45
Both are very liquid and feel weightless on the skin. The Benefit one is a tad more mattifying and makes foundation application a bit easier. However, none of these is waterproof, so I never wear them if I know I'm going to do any sporty activity and only use them when I'm studying or working and spending very little time outside.

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SPF for the face

If I am going to exercise outside (in which case I do not wear any makeup) or if I'm on a city break and I know I will be walking all day and wear makeup, I use the Avène Reflèxe Solaire SPF 50, which comes in a small packaging great for traveling and on-the-go applications. This one is waterproof so it will last through a run or a swim. It is mattifying, so great for oily skin and you can totally wear this underneath make up. Its only downside is that it does leave a bit of a white veil on the skin.

Another one that I like to wear when I can't be bothered to apply foundation, but still want a bit of coverage is the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Blur SPF 50. As the name suggests it is not only tinted, but also has a thick silicony texture (similar to the Benefit Professional but thicker) that smoothes out pores and unifies the skin. I love this one because of its 3-in-1 function (SPF, primer and light coverage), but it is quite dark so a light hand is necessary if you're pale.

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SPF for the body (and face)

My main concern when it comes to sunscreen for the body is that it has to feel weightless on the skin and not feel sticky at all. Thank God SPFs have evolved since the 90s and there is now a ton of invisible, undetectable options available (Although the blue Nivea sunscreen was pretty cool. But is it still available?). However, most of them come in aerosols, with are not super ecofriendly and, I find, empty fairly quickly. This summer I discovered the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL which is great because it sinks into the skin in a matter of seconds, leaves it nice and matte and smells amazing. You can use it on the face and body so you don't have to pack a separate SPF for your day trip at the beach (don't forget your parasol though ;-)

I feel like all these products will be repurchased when they're empty (some of them already have been), but I'm still on the hunt for a great translucent powder SPF so leave a comment below if you've got a recommandation for me.

Have a skin-safe but brilliant summer! :-)

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