Tuesday, 24 April 2018

One Minute Bliss: Do it badly!

One Minute Bliss is a blog post series where every Monday I share one small thing that brings me joy. You can find the other posts here.

It recently struck me how often I keep myself from doing something because I think I won't be able to do it well. This omnipresence of perfection in our minds can have such a negative and restrictive impact. 

-I have to write the perfect cover letter. 
-I have to do a super intense workout or it's not worth it. 
-I can't send a draft of my essay/thesis to my teacher because it is not perfectly written. 
-I shouldn't hire a photographer to shoot my outfits because my audience isn't big enough, because I'm not a talented blogger, and so on.
-I want to start an online shop, but nobody will buy anything.

Having these thoughts on repeat means that for fear of not being perfect, you end up doing nothing. 

Since then I've been telling myself that I'm allowed to do it badly, as long as I do it and it's a rather liberating thought. It's ok to write a crappy short story. That's how you learn how to write. It's ok to do an easy workout. It's still a workout and it's better than nothing. It's ok to write a pathetic cover letter, you can rewrite it as many times as you want before you send it. 

I didn't know how to illustrate this article, but since I'm really into Friends as the moment I thought about Phoebe and I think she's a great example of this philosophy. So be like Phoebe Buffay! Write songs and play guitar even if you suck. Perfection is boring anyway!

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