Thursday, 21 March 2019

My 19 for 2019 list

I've been a big fan of self help author Gretchen Rubin for a few years and last year in the podcast she co-hosts with her sister Elizabeth Craft, they introduced an idea that really caught my mind. They discussed New Years Eve resolutions and how most people struggle to keep up with them because they're too vague, like losing weigh, exercise, read more, etc. For 2018, they decided to choose 18 goals that were actually achievable, concrete and fun, like visit Disneyland, have a dinner party, plan a trip with a friend... I found I so inspiring that I created my own list for 2018. I accomplished pretty much half of that list and I intend to do better this year. I think the reason I only went half way through my list last year is because they weren't all specific and detailed enough, which is something I've tried to remedy to in 2019. My list encompasses a mix of travel, self-care, blogging, financial and leisure goals. And I hope I can come back to it in December having accomplished most of them.

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