Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Paris inspired makeup

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The purpose of this post is probably more the pleasure of the eye than an informed review with swatches and the whole shebang. As a makeup collector I can't resist such pretty pieces to add to my treasure chest. The Dior palette I will probably never touch (It's a freakin'  Eiffel town embossing!!!), even though that blue shade is calling my name. The Lancôme products, on the other hand, I've tried and the quality is as good as the packaging. The eyeshadows are pigmented and soft (the silver glitter feels like butter!!!), I used the liner shades with a wet eyeliner brush and it gave me a beautiful smooth line. The cushion blush is great. The pigmentation is not not sheer, not too intense and very long lasting. Finally for the lip crayon, I got a punchy orangey red, which has a nice creamy matte formula. I haven't used the balm side much, but I feel like it's the perfect product to throw in your handbag if/when you want several lip options without carrying multiple products.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Old leaves, new hair

I think it's safe to say that Autumn is here and if I was a little sad at first to see summer and its exciting promesses go away I am now very happy for the beginning of this new season, which is also the beginning of a new (and hopefully my last) year at university. Even though the arrival of colder weather means slowing down from the hectic pace of summer days and getting into survival mode (i.e. hide under thick blankets with hot cups of tea) I think it is also a great time to let go of old habits to embrace change. For example: chop this long, shapeless mop of hair and get a fresh cut. And that's just the beginning!

Here are a few things that are getting me excited for Autumn:
  1. The changing colors... obviously!
  2. Sleeping under a warm, thick duvet when it's cold outside.
  3. Cooking warm comforting meals.
  4. Cozy racoon pyjamas. (Oh yeah!)
  5. Browsing bookshops and hunting for new reads.
  6. Spending rainy days in museums.
  7. Jewel-toned makeup.
  8. Taking long hot showers. 
What are your favorite things about Autumn?

Leather jacket - Naf Naf
Dress - Family Affairs
Boots - Vivienne Westwood X Melissa
Tote - Wear Lemonade

Monday, 19 September 2016

Review: Three Nyx Eye Products

Nyx is a brand I've really been into lately. The Nyx displays in Switzerland were revamped last Spring and with it came plenty of new launches. The Lingerie liquid lipsticks sold out pretty much instantly and haven't come back in stock yet, but the line was so full of novelty that I quickly forgot about those. Here are three products that I put to the test over the past month:

  • The Vivid Brights liquid liners: By far my favorite products from this selection. They are pigmented, long lasting, they come in really fun colors and add a nice pop to any make up look. They are 5,90 CHF a piece which, in my opinion, is a bargain for such a nice quality product. I am looking forward to compare them to the New Urban Decay Razor Sharp eyeliners that should come out very soon. A must have for any make up lover. Pictured above are the shades: Vivid Envy (Green), Vivid Halo (Yellow) and Vivid Violet.

  • The Jumbo pencil in Milk: A cult product that is not super glamorous, but very functional. It does provide a nice white canvas for your eyeshadows and has a sticky texture that grips the powders you put on top. I wore it over an eye primer and did not experience any creasing. Another must have.

  • The Avant Pop palettes in Surreal My Heart and Art Throb: I have mixed feelings about these products. On one hand I love the color selection and how both palettes can be combined, but on the other hand I find these a bit chalky and not long wearing enough for my liking. Both looks that you can se below were created using 5-6 different shadows from the palettes and yet it looks like all I have on is a light wash of 1-2 shadows. However the weak pigmentation can be a plus for beginners or people used to neutrals who want to experiment with brighter color without going over the top. I will keep experimenting with them (I haven't tried to use them wet), but I definitely think that for 20 CHF (a piece) the quality should be higher. 

Lips: Too Faced Melted Matte in Feelin' Myself

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

PJ Luxe

A few months ago I would have told you that jumpsuits were the private domain of tall, thin girls and that I, as a short curvy human, would never be able to pull one off.  Boy was I wrong! After seeing them everywhere this summer and drooling over some gorgeous pieces online, I decided that, screw you fashion prejudices, I wanted to be part of the jumpsuit gang. 
I ordered this Topshop Boutique number and it was love at first try! Not only do I feel quite chic in it (I wore it super casually here, but picture it with heels, statement jewelry, and curled hair), it also seriously feels like pyjamas thanks to its silk material. The price tag was not the most wallet-friendly, but I can see myself wearing it all throughout the end of Summer and in Autumn with boots, a leather jacket and a hat, making it a good investment.
Needless to say, the realization that jumpsuits can fit and flatter curvy figures led to several more love affairs. My collection now contains a denim version, a fitted red number (that I might never dare to wear  outside the house) and another black one that is a bit more A/W appropriate. 
Next one on my radar: a blush jumpsuit (worn with gold glitter flats: match made in heaven!). I also intend to sew myself two Wear Lemonade numbers: Nina and India. 

That's it for my jumpsuit adventures. Have a great day!

Jumpsuit - Topshop Boutique
Sandals - Zalando (old)
Tote bag - Wear Lemonade
Eyeshadow - Makeup Geek pigment in Chameleon

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