Tuesday, 1 May 2018

May Goals

April didn't quite go according to plan. I'm still on the hunt for a job and I haven't worked out much. Tomorrow will be day 30 of The 100 Day Project and I've already missed 10 days. However last year I gave up around day 20, so I guess the fact that I'm still going is a victory in itself. On a more positive note I have managed to give up refined sugar, gluten and dairy for the past three weeks, which definitely makes me feel better in my own skin. 

Since April was a so-so month, here's the plan for May:
  • Spend time with friends and socialize. I am the biggest homebody and I really have to push myself to make plans and go out with friends, but I'm so happy once I've done it. I also want to start a book club...
  • Write. I want to to do more creative writing and become a better and more consistent writer.
  • Spend time outside and enjoy Spring as much as possible. (And maybe practice photography at the same time. Why not!) 
  • Have a more structured morning routine inspired by the "s.a.v.e.r.s." method invented by Hal Elrod. I'm not going to wake up at 5:30 am anytime soon, but I like the idea of starting your day with meditation, goal setting and visualizing, a little bit of exercise (I'm currently planking for one minute and adding whatever bodyweight exercises I feel like doing, whether it's squats, lunges, abs or dips...), reading and journaling. I don't necessarily do all of these steps and I sometimes switch the order, but I think having a routine can really be beneficial, especially if you "work" from home. It's so easy to fall into the trap of watching just one episode of Friends or one Youtube video while you eat breakfast and then one more and another one, and to end up destroying your productivity for the day. 
What are your goals for May? 


  1. I am a big homebody too, and I usually have a good time when I'm with my friends, I just so rarely do it! So I think your first goal is a great one to have! (I might need to steal it!)

  2. I'm mostly a homebody, but I do like getting out and doing different things. I just don't necessarily like being busy all the time and crowds can be a bit much. LOL But seeing friends is always nice, and you should totally form a book club - or join one if you find something near you.



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