Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Five Things I Know for Sure

Thank god for clutches with cheery message on this clutch, because I currently don't feel like I'm killing it at all.

I always assumed that that when I graduated, there would be a job waiting for me. I realize now how silly it was to think that a university degree would open the doors to employment nice and wide. When reading job offers I always feel like I'm missing something: experience, training, the right degree. I studied literature out of passion and interest, I now see that a career needs to be as carefully plotted as thriller and that spontaneity is out of the picture. A career should be like a group travel itinerary where you know exactly where to stop and for how long and where you'll go next. I feel like I should have started university already planning for a future job, doing internships to acquire experience, networking and all that jazz. And maybe I'm just plain stupid for not realizing that sooner, but, honestly, who has the next six years planned at nineteen? 

As a multi-passionate, I like following my interests and keeping my options open. Studying literature was a way for me to study various subject, while developing critical and analytical skills. It saddens me to see that so little companies actually value the versatility of this education.

I am thus currently in a really strange place full of contradictory emotions. On one hand, I feel like spending six and a half years on a literary master was useless and that I should have done like everybody else and studied something that pays. On the other hand, I think passion should always be the motor and that intelligence, curiosity and industry can outperform any degree and are way more useful tools when it comes to "killing it". It also feels like now is the time to follow my interests, since I have very little obligations. But the unemployment blues kills my motivation like nothing else and I find myself paralyzed by the anxiety of not having a job. Wearing motivational items of clothing might not solve this crisis, but it sure is a fun way to remind ourselves that there's always more for us to go and get.

In the midst of all of this career chaos, here are five things I know for sure:

1) Mistakes are great teachers.
2) Tiny steps can take you far away.
3) One action is often worth a thousand thoughts
4) I'll never stop learning.
5) Time and dedication make everything possible. 

Jacket and dress - La Redoute
Clutch - Studio DIY
Shoes - Secondhand
Belt - Naf Naf

Pictures by Romain Keller


  1. I'm in love with your pictures! Lovely blog post, Mathilde!😊

    Shirley | https://shirleycuypers.blogspot.be

    1. Thank you so much for checking my post and taking the time to comment! 😊


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