Monday, 26 March 2018

One Minute Bliss: Dance Like Nobody's Watching

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One Minute Bliss is a blog post series where every Monday I share one small thing that brings me joy. You can find the other posts here.

Taylor Swift recently released her music video for the song "Delicate" and it makes me so happy! Despite addressing the downside of fame and her desire to escape from the constant attention of fans and photographs, it's is also a reminder to dance like nobody's watching. People are going to judge you whether you dance like a penguin or like a (wannabe) dance floor queen, and caring too much about other's opinion can be paralyzing, so you might as well have fun. Plus, dancing can be so liberating and is good for the mind!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

6 thoughts that crossed my mind while reading Emma Gannon's Ctrl Alt Delete

I recently read Emma Gannon's mémoire Ctrl Alt Delete: How I grew up on line and I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved being able to relate to many of her experiences and I loved how open she was regarding dating and sex. I loved reading about the ups and downs of her career. Indeed, as a recent graduate looking for a job in a hostile market, this book has really inspired me to listen to myself and to see where my interests and passions will lead me. 

Here are six thoughts that crossed my mind while reading it:

1) Frequent references to Girls and Harry Potter… I’m clearly in the right place!

2) There definitely should be online dating (online friending?) sites! It is indeed really hard to make friends when you’re out of school, not to mention an introvert. When I do meet new people I often feel like we don’t have much in common (at least not enough to become friends). With a friending site I would be able to find and connect with people who have the same specific interests. How cool and convenient! If only I knew code I would create the new Tinder…. 

3) I never noticed that Gwen Stefani’s song “What you’re waiting for” was about chasing your dream. I had always focused on the Alice in Wonderland inspired clip. It's actually about dealing with criticism and social pressure, going forward no matter what and trusting yourself. "You Never know it could be great!", "Life is short you're capable!" What fab mantras! I'm going to print the lyrics and put them all over my apartment. 

4) Those good old MSN flirting days. My first breakup was actually on MSN. My real-life boyfriend dumped me at the end of the summer holidays. He had promised to love me forever on MSN. But never in real life! I had never thought how our relationship was both real and virtual, kissing in the schoolyard, but saying I love you online.

5) As a fellow English major I can't help but relate with Emma's struggle to find a job after she graduated. But Emma reminded me that since we study literature out of interest or passion rather than greed, it's important to listen to and follow that passion, even if it does not pay the bills straight away. So follow your passion. Take that crappy job if you need to, but don’t quit your dream!

6) I always thought a memoir was something you wrote when you were eighty years old and you had witnessed both World Wars. How cool is it that Emma is in her twenties. It's so inspiring to think that your experience is worth sharing even if you haven't lived that long and even if you haven't done extraordinary things or broken a world record! We all live things that might seem banal, but if you look at them with the right perspective, these experiences become interesting and worthy of being told.

This read got me very interested in internet related memoirs so here are two books that I've added to my reading list:

Felicia Day's Your Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) and Dawn O'Porter's Diaries of an Internet Lover.


Sunday, 18 March 2018

Spring Wishlist

Spring is upon us and I can't stop browsing the web to look for new pieces (not that I need any!).  Here are the trends I'm obsessed with*:

Embellishment and 3D florals are something I cannot get enough! I got this dress after spotting it on Alex Michael May and this one after seeing in on Mary from Seersucker Optional. And I still have my eyes on a few more items, like this top. These dresses just scream summer and I think they're are a more elegant and refined way to wear sequins on a daily basis! Just throw a denim jacket on top and you're good to go. You don't even need to accessorize... unless you want to! :)

Pastels are also something I am drawn to as soon as the sun comes back. This pastel rainbow dress is what dreams are made of and looks seriously divine! Not to mention this bubblegum colored skirt and this layered pastel tulle skirt, which looks like a magnificent wedding cake (food inspired clothing are clearly a win in my book!).

These nude embellished flats would be amazing to spice up any outfit, but the espadrilles version is really cute as well. The light pink tone makes them so wearable, while the gems makes them the perfect feel-good shoes! I have to confess though that these white Topshop boots also have my heart. I'm not sure how I would style them, but I would love to experiment with white boots since I don't think I've ever owned a pair.

Midi and maxi skirts are great for summer because they allow you to do so much more activities than minis, like riding a bike or sitting on the grass in a park (without flashing anyone). This pleated maxi skirt with lace panels looks gorgeous, not to mention that soft pink tones are totally my cup of tea. Mix pink and embellishment and you have this perfect number by Lace and Beads.

Broderie anglaise is something I find so delicate and chic. It just screams summer. Dresses, blouses and shorts are my favorite ways to wear it. Tops are definitely easier to find. I love this off-shoulder one by Pimkie and I'm definitely on the hunt to find the perfect embroidered short and dress. 

If you're not quite ready yet for candy tones yellow might be the color for you since it is still quite wintery. This striped sweater and yellow skirt perfectly tick the box for when the weather is still a bit chilly or for when you can't quite let go of jewel tones.

Let me know what you favorite spring trends are and what is on your wishlist!

*Some links are affiliate links.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

How to Get Over a Sad Day

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I regularly have periods of time where I don't feel like myself, where I feel completely empty, and where my motivation levels are dangerously low. Sometimes it lasts for weeks sometimes it's just a few days, but this mental state regularly comes back to destroy my productivity and consequently lower my mood. Here are a few things that I find helpful to get over it:

  1. Avoid screens, especially TV and social media, which can be so draining and frustrating. Don't compare yourself to anyone: you are unique and your life follows its own unique path.
  2. Keep a journal, write down how you feel. You don't need to write well, you don't even need to write full sentences. Making lists of overwhelming tasks or feelings often helps to see things more clearly.
  3. Work on a personal project. Forget the work/school/administrative/familial deadlines for a while and focus on something YOU want to do: learn a new skill, start a blog, start writing a novel, try this new recipe that's been tempting you for weeks, plan a trip, sew yourself a new dress... Whatever tickles your fancy! Once you're actually doing something and you've put your mind on productive mode, you might find it easier to tackle an element of your to-do list.
  4. Go outside. It can be so tempting to crawl under the sheets and wait for time to pass, but it hardly ever helps. Being outside reminds me that I'm part of a bigger picture and suddenly my problems don't feel so daunting.
  5. Work out. Probably the last thing you want to do, but very effective to lift your mood.
  6. Meditate. I'm still quite new to this and it does not make me feel better on the spot, but I'm hoping that it will help me deal with negative feelings over time. I use the Headspace app which is awesome if you're new to it! 
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