Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Navy Smoky

Tanya Burr, Midnight smoulder, kiko, sephora, peggy sage

I don't wear smoky eyes that often, but when I do I never reach for the traditional black/grey tones and rather pick dark browns or khaki shades. Recently, a tutorial by Lisa Eldridge that I watched many times when I first got into makeup came back to my mind. I remember being totally obsessed by the Dior palette that she uses, which has now sadly been discontinued. While I never splurged on that palette, I found a great budget alternative: the Tanya Burr Midnight Smoulder palette. For 7,90 CHF, I found that the quality was rather nice; my only concern being the light blue shade which is dry/not pigmented enough and needs to be layered or used wet to get payoff. I paired the look with a soft nude lip and messy hair. 

Random fact: I am currently obsessed with kitting and more specifically with Wool and the Gang. I want to buy all of their cool patterns and colorful yarns! I first started kitting when I was a teenager. my grandmother taught me the basics and I have never strayed from the easy scarves. I have now made two beanies. Next step is a t-shirt and then maybe a cardigan or a jacket...

Tanya Burr, midnight smoulder, kiko, sephora, peggy sage

Friday, 3 February 2017

Everyday Valentine

Valentine's day is not a holiday I regularly celebrate. Mostly because my boyfriend's birthday is a week before, so by the time we've celebrated it between the two of us, with his family and sometimes with my family, we've used up our festive spirit. Another reason is the commercial craze surrounding that event, which makes it so unauthentic and fomo enticing. 
Ramblings apart, I've been obsessed with pink lately, whether it's bright hot pinks or subtle blush tones, so I grabbed this opportunity to put together an everyday appropriate look that associates my favorite soft pink products. Whether you wear it on a date or not, taking pictures of yourself in the most cheesy, saccharine poses is compulsory! :-) 
And using heart cliparts to cover a lint on your beret is totally acceptable!
Anyway: happy valentines, galentines, or brolentines (if it doesn't exist, it should!)

What I used:
-Makeup Geek Barcelona Beach in the crease
-MUG Petal pusher above the crease
-MUG White lies on brow bone
-MUG foiled shadow in Whimsical
-Specter from Urban Decay Moondust palette, applied wet on top of Whimsical
-Fleur de Force Simply Fleur lashes (amazing for everyday flutter)

-Blush from MAC Sweet peach duo (xmas collection)
-MUG highlighter in Glitz

-Seventeen Supreme Shine lipstick in Barely Blush (oldie, but goodie)

Stilnest ring from Sharima collection, Rose quartz ring bought at craft fair.

Kookai blouse

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