Wednesday, 9 May 2018

5 life lessons from The Lord of the rings

We all need a bit of escapism once in a while, to get away from worries, to relax after a tough day or just to feed our imagination. I find that The Lord of the rings trilogy fits the bill perfectly. Tolkien built a world with so much diversity that it's such a treat for the mind to get lost in it. I think it's the where power of attraction of books such as Harry Potter, Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings comes from. Their creators invented a universe in which stories intersect and overlap. A delight for the hungry readers in need of distraction, but also a work full of wisdom. Here's 5 life lessons from Middle Earth to reflect upon.

1) Embrace the hobbit lifestyle. Living close to nature and its rhythm, being part of a small united community, enjoying the little things, living in a comfy hole... Even though the hobbits might sometimes seem a bit close-minded, their lifestyle is full of common sense and I definitely want to draw inspiration from them.

2) Courage can take you further away than anything else. You don't need to be a wizard or a powerful lord to accomplish something and change the world, you just need to be willing to face your fears.

3) Cultivate deep, meaningful friendships. Sam's devotion to Frodo is remarkable and incredibly moving. It's love in its purest form.

4) Connections are key. Gandalf's strategic alliances are also noteworthy. They're almost Middle Earth's equivalent of networking. He knows all the right people and is friend with seemingly insignificant species that eventually turn out to be key allies like the Ents or the Eagles. I think Gandalf's intelligence and strength comes partly from his connections.

5) Hit the road! One in a while, we're all tempted to pack our bag and go on an adventure. It's hard to leave but you'll only enjoy your comfy little home more once you're back.

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  1. What a lovely post! Sam and Frodo really are #FriendshipGoals.


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