Thursday, 3 August 2017

Brush Tip Eyeliners

Tattoo liner, eye defining pen, epic ink liner

When it comes to makeup I enjoy change and variety so I don't really have a defined makeup routine with specific products I keep using. However, liquid liner is a step I almost never skip, whether I'm wearing a smoky eye or barely any makeup at all. I find that it suits my face and helps lift and define my eyes. Last Autumn I switched from using a felt tip eyeliner pen (The Stila Stay All Day liner, which I still do love and use) to the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen which is a double ended liner with a brush on one side and a very thin felt tip on the other. This is not a cheap product and I probably won't repurchase it since I've found less expensive, but equally good alternatives, but it did totally convert me to brush tip liners. 

Unlike felt tip pens which can grip the lid, brush pens glide smoothly on the lid. It which take a bit of getting use to, but it makes application so much easier. Also, I find that when you apply liner over eyeshadows, felt tips tend to soak up the powder and dry faster, whereas the plastic bristles of brush liners don't. Proof is I've been using my Tom Ford liner regularly for 10 months and it's still performing well. As mentioned, at 70 francs, the Tom Ford liner is very pricey. 

There are however cheaper alternatives that are much more affordable, the first one being the infamous Kat Von D Tattoo liner. It is not available in Switzerland yet, but will be this Autumn, as the brand will be sold in the Swiss Sephoras. I don't know at how much it will retail, as Swiss prices tend to be dramatic increased, but it is currently 20 euros in French Sephoras, so much more affordable, for an equivalent quality. 

The other even cheaper option is the Nyx Epic Ink Liner, sold 12.90 from Manor. I haven't been using it for more than a month or two, so I can't vouch for its longevity, but precision, intensity and lasting-power wise it is a very good product. 

So here are my top three brush tip liners. Have you tried these? What is your favorite liner?

Thanks for reading. XX

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