Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Lancôme La Rose Collection

Since Lisa Eldridge became creative director of Lancôme I have been pretty much obsessed with everything the brand came up with. I went nuts for the Sonia Rykiel collection (proof) and I am now officially in love with the rose-themed Spring collection. Plus, being in a phase where all I think about is pink, whether it's soft bush tones, like those of the collection, or full-on bright hot pink, I am LIVING for these candy tones.

rose, highlighter, la rose a poudrer

La rose à poudrer: The star of the show. The product that is on everybody's lips. I did hesitate for a while before purchasing it and I have to say that I bought it more for it's novelty than for the highlight itself, and I guess I'm not the only one. Appart from the stunning packaging, the product itself is nice. The sheen it gives is not super intense but can be built up. My only concern with it is that I struggled to find the right tool to apply it. A fan brush didn't pick up enough product, so did a regular blush brush. I finally found that a large eyeshadow blending blush worked best to get between the petals and pick up enough powder. Overall, a nice buy if you like testing new products or enjoy spectacular packaging, but a pass if you're looking for a potent, see-it-from-the-moon highlight.

rose highlight, spring, 2017, collection

Cushion blush subtil in Sparkling framboise: Let me start by saying that there is nothing subtil about this blush. It is bright pink and super pigmented, so a light hand is a must if you do not want to look like a clown. It also does stain the skin a little bit (maybe not an issue if you do not have super pale skin) so you have to work fast and maybe not use the same tool to apply and blend, which kind of defeats the point of the cushion all-in-one-travel-friendly product. However I do really like how it looks on the skin and I am using regularly.

La rose

Cushion blush subtil highlighter: This is a really nice highlighter that looks super glowy on its own, but also works great as a base for a powder highlight if you want to go all out. My only concern is that it has a slight orange tint that can look a bit odd on fait skin if too much product is applied. Other than that, I would totally recommend it.

La palette La Rose: Beside the dreamy packaging (hello rosegold metallic heaven) and the gorgeous color selection (writing this I actually think I was more excited by this item than by the rose highlighter), I have mixed feeling about it. The neutral shadows are fine, but the pastels, which are what attracted me to it, really lack pigmentation and intensity, even when mixed with fix +. The silver glitter works nicely as a top coat over the other shades. Concerning the lip trio, I have yet to try the lip base, but I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the pink shade is matte, something that I had never seen before in such a palette. The coral, on the other hand, is a bit too glossy, although the shade is quite flattering. Update: I'm seriously in love with this palette. The mauve-taupe shade is stunning on its own, but looks even more amazing with a bit of the mint green and silver glitter dabbed on the center of the lid!!!

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