Tuesday, 3 April 2018

April goals

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The first quarter of 2018 is already behind us and, being unsurprisingly disappointed with my productivity levels, I've decided to share a monthly list of goals on my blog to keep myself accountable (If you're a fellow Gretchen Rubin fan: You guessed it! I'm an obliger!). 

Find a job: My most urgent task is to find a job. I recently got my master degree and my latest work contract ended just before easter. I'm now on the hunt for a job that will pay the bills, but also allow me to thrive and evolve as an individual. I've been reading and listening to Chris Guillebeau's books and podcast and I want to start a side hustle and try to diversify my sources of income. I think the way I envision work is very millennial and I'm fine with that. 

Blog, blog, blog: The 100 Day Project starts today and I'm motivated to keep going until the end. I attempted it last year but stopped after thirty days. This year I'm not giving up and I'm committing to blog everyday. So I'll either be writing posts, taking pictures, editing them or post on social media. My hashtag will be #a100daysofblogging if you want to take a look.

Workout schedule + healthy eating: My last goal is health related. Last fall, before the thesis writing madness got in full swing, I had managed to find my balance between regular workouts and healthy-ish eating and I felt great. A nerve-wracking final semester at uni and everything went out of the window. I am now determined to work my way out of the bad habits I've built and go back to exercising three times a week. I'm also really tempted by the Whole30 program, but knowing myself, I'm wondering if slowly eliminating certain things from my diet might not be more beneficial on the long run, rather than a sudden radical change. What I know a for sure is that I'm committing to making healthier choices and taking care of myself. 

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